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Ison Non

DJ, music producer, Radio Producer, event - coordinator are some of the activities held
by Ison. To him music is a mean of expressing his freedom as he leaves his records to
speak for him. Founding member of the NON collective, Ison is regarded today as one of
the most important and influencial faces of the electronic music scene of Greece and one
of the responsibles for the development of the electro / minimal sound in Greece.

His involvement with music started at a very young age with a radio show Read more...

Liquid Soul

Nicola Capobianco, based in switzerland, started at
early age getting addicted to the magic of electronic
music. He began playing progressive trance from the
end of 1993. In 2001, after many years as DJ and
producing in the studio, where he has played and
performed at big raves and festivals, next to people
like Tiesto and Armin van Buuren, he decided to start
a new project and Liquid Soul was born.
In 2006 he founded his own label Mikrokosmos records.
Besides solo project Sleek, he also partners Martin
Knecht in the deadly duo “Earsugar”.


X-noiZe are Barak Argaman & Nadav Bonen from Tel-Aviv, Israel.
Their debut album 'Mental notes' (2005) is considered one of
the freshet prospects of modern psy trance. Their unique sound
production became a guideline for the new Psy-generation, crossing
over rumbling baselines, euphoric melodies and club elements.
Always aiming high, The trance tracks that they produce since the
first album and before of it - have become massive dance floor
anthems as they are very communicative but always maintain that
undeniable trance edge there for remain most respected in the
underground psychedelic scene as well.