Jo aquel mix to LalalandRadio!
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Dj Tash Promo mix
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Niki Belucci

Niki Belucci is the symbol of beauty, charm, eroticism, freedom, sexuality and energy.
Her dj carreer started in 2003. She had about 160 performances during her first year
in Hungary, Austria, Germany,Romania, Russia, Slovakia and Serbia.

2007, she was invited to the French DJ convention, „Siel”, the most widely recognized DJ and club
exhibition in Paris, and performed in 72 clubs during the same Read more...


Ellen van Olst is the girl behind Miss POOKIE
~ DJ and Radiohost ~ Electronic Music is her
passion and addiction! 

It’s 2008 when Ellen


Mollono Bass aka Molle is widely acknowledged as a part of the legendary Kombinat 100 quartett and also as the mastermind of the newly founded label Acker Records where he released his debut EP >LINSTOW E.P.< at the end of 2006. Read more...